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Rover Memorial Chalet Warburton

The Rover Memorial Chalet, in Victoria, provides the comforts of home in the picturesque and tranquil surroundings of Warburton. Close proximity to the snowfields of Donna Buang, offers a wide range of activities all year round including skiing, fishing, bush walking, horse riding and sight seeing amongst other activities available in the area.

Looking after the Chalet

The Rover Memorial Chalet is managed and maintained by a very active and dedicated commitee.

From 2007, the Skipper Holland BP Guild has taken over warden duties for the chalet.

Working bees are part of the management activities

Scouters and friends are invited to join the service crew.

Skipper Holland BP Guild

Skipper Holland Baden Powell (BP) Guild is one of Victoria's newest and most active BP Guilds.

Based in Blackburn South, Skipper Holland is a group of dedicated adults, a majority of whom have been long serving youth section members or leaders.

You can visit their website here.